This is my latest mini comic, Vicious Robot Tuesday, in its entirety. From front cover to back cover.



Copies of the comic will be available soon, with some added surprises.


8 Responses to “”

  1. Justin Says:

    Luve luve luve this! Page 5 with the robot shadows is fantastic. This is my favorite thing you’ve done recently.

  2. Matt Says:

    A. You need to animate this!

    B. The Jeff head w/website needs to be a shirt.


    3. Well…there is no 3. That is all!

  3. Leslee Says:

    I really like the way you did the fourth page with the three panels working together to create the city scape.

  4. jeffelden Says:

    Thank you, Leslee. That’s to make your eye move more slowly over the page to create a dramatic pause. Whereas the following page is one big panel full of action so your brain takes it in more quickly, and action packed.

    Thanks to all for the comments. I will most likely leave this up for this week for 2 reasons 1.I’m proud of it and want more people to see it. 2. I’m getting married to K10 on friday.

  5. david Says:

    Great comic. You’ve really found your voice as a cartoonist and storyteller. I love how you space out your captioned narration. Sparse and effective.

    And by the way, congratulations!

  6. Jim Lujan Says:

    Jeff, Firstly- Congrats on your nuptuals to the lovely Miss K. She is awesome and you guys will make an awesome groombride (new word I created).

    Secondly, As you know, I’ve been out of pocket for a while and just checked your site today. OMG…its incredible. You really are making some outstanding creations (musically, too). I feel that you are totally going int he right direction and making some really strong stuff. LOVE the comic. Some of your best art yet. I’m proud to know you and proud that youre my friend.

    Keep up the good stuff!


  7. Jenny Says:

    Agree with everything above! This is good. Does that robot at the end have a unibrow?

  8. jeffelden Says:

    Unibrow, yes.

    K10 thinks it’s odd that the robots even HAVE eyebrows.

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