4 Responses to “”

  1. Erik Says:

    Is he staring at an Eclipse or something? I think this guy is my new favorite super hero. Does he have a name?

  2. jeffelden Says:

    Hmm…no name. If you can think of an appropriate one then we’ll go with that. And I think the beams are coming out of his eyes, but these little superhero vinnettes are meant to be open to all kinds of interpretations. The reader is ultimatly the one who decides what the hell is going on.

  3. david Says:

    Love it. Makes you wonder… whenever Cyclops fires his optic blast into the sky, how far does it travel? Would it hit some poor sap on another planet several light years away?

    (Walking along)
    SFX: ZAP!
    “What the…?!”

  4. Leslee Says:

    Jeff—I am so glad that you are posting stuff regularly!! I love your art and your humor!!

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