Where I do what I do

My good buddy Justin Stewart recently posted a virtual tour of his office. At the end of it he asked that others do the same. This is for you, Justin, and anyone else who might care to actually see where I develop my nonsense.

This first photo is a broad shot of my tiny room, unadorned with any art work or fancy furniture. I think this photo gives you a good sense of the claustraphobic size of the room. You can also start to get a feel for the many distractions I keep in the room.

Next is a close up of my desk. That tiny space between the mouse and the monitor, where you see my phone, is where I draw. Distractions I see in this picture: 1. Ghandi’s Autobiography 2. CD spindal rack of blank CD’s for burning friends all the great music I find 3. Bills and paperwork that give me paralyzing anxiety. In the lower left you can see my printer/scanner on the floor.

Isn’t this rack awesome? I salvaged it from behind a Drug Store that was throwing it out. On it you’ll find comics, lots of comics. Do I need to say why this is a destraction? To the right stacked on the filing cabinet and fire safe is a record player that K10 bought me, but we haven’t set up yet. You can also see the corner of an original art page by Alan Davis in the lower right of the picture. This is leaning against 2 long comic boxes, what remains of my 27 long boxes. I sold the rest.

As we continue the tour we find my music collection. Well…most of the collection. The rest is on the computer. Also on this rack is the traveling sketchbook, a project I started where I mailed a sketchbook around the country. Next to the music is a toilet for cats.

Oh! The couch! K10 and I will sit here to watch TV on the internet, or read, or nap.

We have cats. I don’t know how, but one day we just had cats. They’re a distraction. Sinatra comes into the office to watch birds out the window and sunbathe. He kind of looks angry here.

Oh look, Meatball brought in his ball. He wants to play fetch.

And he won’t leave me alone until I throw the ball. It starts with this look, then there’s the meowing, then anything sharp on his body ends up in my flesh, at which point I have no choice but to throw the ball. This can go on for hours.

Well, there it is. Where I do what I do, whatever that is. Thanks for coming by.


4 Responses to “Where I do what I do”

  1. david Says:

    That rack is awesome. Great tour.

    Ah memories. I made a fort in that room. Hopefully, I’ll be back in St. Louis soon.

  2. jeffelden Says:

    I wanted to keep the fort, David, but K10 wouldn’t let me. Whenever you and your Satan car are ready to come to St.Louis let me know, we’ll be more then happy to have you.

  3. Justin Says:

    Just know that all your friends are envious of that rack jeff. Someday I hope to crash on that couch.

  4. jeffelden Says:

    I do have a nice rack…

    Hopefully you can crash on the couch soon J-Stew.

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