I can’t figure out the internet.

Well, Hello! It’s been awhile. For those of you returning, and those of you just visiting, I used to use this site to post comic strips I had made and odd ideas I had. I managed to give updates for about 3 months before I stopped completely. Many people have commented that they miss the site and would like to see it come back.
An explanation: I was unhappy with the site. There was no cohesion, no direction and I eventually lost motivation. Drawing became work. And so I ended the site and let it sit…until now. I recently came back to the site and destroyed it. Nothing was left. A clean slate.
For those who don’t know me personally I’m a social worker in Missouri. Specifically I work with children between the ages of 5 and 18 teaching them social skills, coping skills, anger management and more importantly teaching their parents parenting skills. My job requires me to go into people’s homes on a daily basis. I have seen some shit. Abuse, neglect, filth. I’m not really shocked or discomforted easily anymore. I’m painting a gloomy picture, but I really want to talk about the rewards of this job.
There’s a young man that I’ve been visiting for almost 3 years. I think we’ve both taught each other a lot. This young man has a difficult time with communicating emotion, thoughts and ideas. Yet I know he’s brilliant. This young man has been teaching me how to play the Pokemon card game, and during one of our battles I asked, “What would a Pokemon you designed look like?” He related every last detail of his Pokemon for the next 20 minutes. I eventually had to stop him and ask that he draw the creature for me. When he was finished he gave me the picture and I could instantly see the genius of this picture. It was beautiful in its simplicity. The young man’s high intelligence also shone through. The creature had 3 tails, one made of fire, one made of water and one made of wind. WIND! I’m not sure if the significance of this is apparent, but wind cannot be seen. Here was this child, who could not verbally express himself, drawing wind. The following week when I came out I brought a sketchbook I had made for the kid. The following week after that he had already filled it up with creatures and stories about them.
I’ve begun teaching the young man how to draw comics. We will sit each week for an hour or more passing back and forth the 6 panel sheets I’ve made for him. Creating silly stories or communicating ideas. It’s from these sessions that My Alter Ego was born. Creating comics again, with this kid, completely from scratch inspired me.
I’ve opened the site back up. The first strips to appear will be My Alter Ego, which I had created a description of but can’t figure out how viewers of the site can see it, so here is the synopsis below:
This is a collection of comic strips that are more about exercising my art then content. I give myself about 10 minutes to create a 6-panel strip using nothing but pens. I create each comic as I go along and have no preconceived idea before beginning. The goal of these comics is to experiment with new ideas and techniques. Often silly and nonsensical.
There will be no set day for My Alter Ego to appear, but I will be creating them frequently.
However, look for a regular strip called Mythical Beast and Magical Creatures to appear some time in the coming year. This will be an ongoing strip that continues from week to week and a new strip will appear each week.
I plan to keep this site simple. I can’t guarantee motivation will continue, either, so please leave comments and let me know what you think.

Thank you,


2 Responses to “I can’t figure out the internet.”

  1. Mike Says:

    It’s a HanakKwanzMas miracle and the best kind at that. This is all I wanted this year.

  2. Jim Lujan Says:

    Jeff, these are really fantastic and I hope you keep doing more. That is a great story – you and the kid. Youre making a positive impact on that kid’s life, for sure. I think that is the best gift you can give a kid….besides a Playstation 3.

    Seriously, keep it up. Call me, Im using Blogger, too and I can give you some easy tips on how to “spruce” up the site. I HATE html, but I can help you do some cheats.

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